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Welcome to Anling Health
(Primary Care Practice)

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When you make an appointment with your provider, please click here so that the appointment will be saved in our electronic medical record system to update the appointment schedule immediately.


About Anling Health

Anling Health is devoted to patient-centered primary care. In Chinese, “An” means safe and secure. Whereas “Ling” means tranquility and stabilization. Our mission is to help you take full control of your health care and achieve mental and physical wellness. We provide a treatment space that is simple, clean, and professional for you to feel tranquil and calm.

Anling Health is committed to helping you achieve good health through healthy living. As a primary care practice, building a trusting provider-patient relationship is essential. It takes a team effort to promote optimal mental and physical health. Anling Health believes in practicing care from the heart.
The team also offers a healthcare membership or direct primary care/concierge so that you can enjoy the simplicity of not having to deal with confusing insurance coverage, copays, deductibles, and after-visit bills. The membership option has unlimited access to your provider through email, text, phone, and web. For more information, please click on our payment options for membership concierge services. Regardless of having health insurance or not, our relationship is direct with you. 

About Family Nurse Practitioner

Board-certified Family Nurse Practitioners can diagnose diseases, prescribe medications, and provide a treatment plan to patients, just like a family physician. Studies conducted from 1995 to 2016 showed that "nurse practitioners performed as well as physicians in terms of clinical safety and positive patient outcomes and matched or even exceeded patient education and satisfaction." 

For further information, please see the link here.

Dr. Li Kruszka and Dr. Winnie Wong gained their Doctorate Degrees in Nursing Practice and are the founders of Anling Health. Both Family Nurse Practitioners are highly skilled in prescribing medicines and treating/managing acute and chronic diseases. They are primary care practitioners who always put the needs of their patients at the forefront. This art of care involves treating the human body as a whole. Dr. Kruszka and Dr. Wong go beyond physical symptoms to understand the cause of the health imbalance. Anling Health's team will design an individual care plan for you to
promote good health.


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