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Office/Telehealth Visit Payment Options

Anling Health accepts health plans from most major insurance companies as out-of-network medical providers for office or telehealth visits only. We are also in-network with some insurance companies. Due to fast updates, please contact us for details, if you have health insurance.


An office visit is a fee that is charged to a patient who has a visit with a medical provider in the office to discuss new or existing medical problems. 


A telehealth visit also called a virtual visit is conducted via a phone call or video call, depending on the medical necessity. For qualification for a telehealth visit, please visit here.


Anling Health does not offer a house call or visit patients in their homes. Please live chat or call the office for questions about services and charges


We offer 3 options based on the most common situations. Please see below.

Payment Options


Concierge Membership


Many people do not understand how the insurance system works in the U.S. As living costs and inflation increase, the monthly insurance premium will increase, and the coverage will decrease. If you prefer to have regular check-ups or have chronic medical conditions that require regular check-ups, please consider the membership to help you save time and money. Discounted rates are also applied. See here for fee schedules.

Membership Monthly Fee:

  • It is a fixed monthly payment billed to the client upon the services rendered. The payment will be automatically deducted on the same day of each month from the client's account. If the client cancels the membership before the day of auto withdrawal, the following monthly fee will be canceled. If the auto withdrawal is posted, the refund cannot be issued. 

Membership Benefits:

  • No wait, same day appointment

  • 24/7 care access

  • Discounted in-house annual basic blood and urine tests (including complete blood counts, comprehensive metabolism, liver function/kidney function, diabetes screening, cholesterol/lipids, thyroid function test, urinary routine analysis)

  • Discounted in-house EKG

  • Discounted in-house cancer screenings: including Pap smear, prostate-specific antigens (PSA) blood test

  • Discounted discussion about your health with your healthcare team. 

  • Bilingual service: Our medical team will assist members with external appointments for specialists or other testing needs.


Self-Pay Packages

If you do not need regular follow-up visits or are often healthy, and you choose not to take health insurance or do not want to use the insurance to cover the medical expenses, such as office/telehealth visit expenses, blood drawn, EKG, etc., you can pay the services in a credit card, debit card, or cash. Our team will provide you with the most suitable fee schedules based on the level of care to meet your needs. You will not receive any unexpected bills from our clinic.

Fee schedules: For specific fees, please live chat or call the office for details.

Benefits: you pay service upfront and will not receive any bills afterward. All fees are transparent.


Bill to Insurance

If you have medical insurance and want to use it. You can choose this option.

We are also in-network with some insurance companies. Due to fast updates, please contact us for details, if you have health insurance.

All services, such as blood drawn, x-rays/MRI/CT, medications, and physical therapy, will be billed to your insurance. Most insurance companies also cover out-of-network services for a primary care office.

Friendly reminder: You may receive bills from the insurance company or the clinic for declined benefits. Please call your insurance company first for benefit details. Our office does not know all coverage for all insurance companies. 

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