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Anling Health Grand Opening


We are so thankful for all who join us to celebrate the grand opening for Anling Health primary care practice. The event had a great turnout with 200+ guests。

Special thanks to the Plantation Mayor Nick Sortal, Plantation council members Denise Horland & Jennifer Abreu, On Leong Presidents Tony Kwan & Johnson Ng, World Kwong Tong Community Association President Crystal Wong, former Hallandale Beach Commissioner Sabrina Javellana, ACE Talk Producer Winnie Tang, and friends.


South Florida Health Fair


We are honored to be invited to the South Florida Health Fair, hosted by Broward Internal Medicine, Manning Pharmacy, Nova Southeastern University, School of Medicine, Asian Club, and Christ Center Alliance Church, and sponsored by Lilly Zhang (KL Insurance). It was a great event, not just for the members for the church but also for elderly, and the Asian community. During the Health Fair, Winnie Wong and Li Kruszka, board-certified Family Nurse Practitioners, from Anling Health answered questions about health concerns and administered the Flu vaccines provided by Manning Pharmacy. The medical students checked blood pressure and glucose level. About 50 people attended the event, and it was a great success.  

我们很荣幸受邀参加由 Broward Internal Medicine,万宁西药房、医学院亚裔俱乐部, 和 宣道会基督俱乐部举办的南佛罗里达健康活动。Lily Zhang (保险经纪)赞助此活动。这是一个非常好的活动,不仅对教会成员,而且对老年人和亚裔社区也是如此。健康活动间,安宁医务所的黄礼医护博士和黃雯麗医护博士回答了健康问题,并接种了曼宁大药房提供的流感疫苗。医学生检查了血压和血糖水平。约有50人参加了此次活动,取得了圆满成功。

What is dengue fever
Dengue viruses are spread to people through the bite of an infected Aedes species (Ae. aegypti or Ae. albopictus) mosquito. These mosquitoes also spread Zikachikungunya, and other viruses.
How can we get infected?
Dengue viruses are spread to people through the bites of infected mosquitoes, mainly Aedes aegypti mosquitoes.
What are the symptoms?
Symptoms of dengue typically last 2–7 days. The most common symptom:
  • Aches and pains (eye pain, typically behind the eyes, muscle, joint, or bone pain)
  • Nausea, vomiting
  • Rash
How to prevent it?
  • Vaccine: A new dengue vaccine is approved for use in children aged 9–16 years with laboratory-confirmed previous dengue virus infection and living in areas where dengue is endemic
  • Use natural insect repellents;  Wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants; 
  • Use screens on windows and doors. Repair holes in screens to keep mosquitoes outdoors.
  • Use air conditioning, if available.
  • Stop mosquitoes from laying eggs in or near water
How to get tested? Blood work. 
What is the treatment? Symptomatic treatment.
Additional resources:
Dengue in Broward: Department of Health confirms 2 cases (
Dengue Vaccine | Dengue | CDC
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October: Breast Cancer Awareness Month


NSU Breast Cancer Lunch & Learn with Dr. Latinate

与 Latinate 博士一起学习


  • Eat right 健康饮食

  • Get annual mammogram screening 每年乳房X光检查

  • Know your risks 知道你的危险指数

Please click here to see the tips to avoid cancer.

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